P & T Accounts have been in existence since the establishment of Postal & Telegraph Department by British. However we can treat the Govt. of India Financial Department Resolution No.4398 dated 19th April 1861 as the formal begining of P&T Accounts as an organized set up. First Postal Accounts, shortly thereafter Telegraph Accounts and the Telecom Accounts came into existence, but all these developments were under Auditor General's set up. The IP&TAFS Group 'A' cadre was created in 1972 as an organized Accounts Cadre of the Govt. of India and first direct recruitment at Group 'A' to the cadre started during 1974.


The Indian Post & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service (also known as IP&TAFS) is a Group "A" Central Civil Services of the Union of India. The officers are recruited through the Civil Services Examination organised by the Union Public Service Commission.

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